Asian European Arbitration Centre


ASEAC is located at the Hamburg International Arbitration Center (HIAC) at the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, Germany. Rooms on site can be used for arbitration proceedings.

Hamburg is not only the Gateway to Asia, but also offers the necessary infrastructure to successfully administer and conduct arbitration proceedings.

Hamburg's Gateway to Asia

Hamburg. being the seat of ASEAC, is called the Gateway to the World ("Tor zur Welt"). As a commercial hub between both worlds, the city is certainly Europe's Gateway to Asia as well.

Hamburg occupies a central position on the shipping route between Asia and Europe, functioning as the main transit point and distribution hub for the container traffic between both regions. 60% of all the 8.7 million TEUs of container volume from the Port of Hamburg derive from Asian markets. Of all Asia-EU trade through Hamburg, half of it comes from the remarkable partnership between the EU and China. Nonetheless, the commercial relations with other Asian powerhouses, such as Japan, Korea and Singapore, continues to evolve in importance and volume, especially with the new trade agreements between the EU and Asian countries.

Hamburg has been the sister city of Shanghai since 1986. Besides, it has a long tradition as being the seat of several business associations committed to the communication between German and Asian businesses and the political bodies in both countries like the German Asia Pacific Business Association (OAV) and the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business (APA).

The many rivers and canals in Hamburg are crossed by over 2,500 bridges, more than Amsterdam and Venice combined. Even though Hamburg has built more overwater bridges than any other city on Earth, Hamburg has also been building bridges between different cultures, creating the basis for long-lasting business relationships and friendships.

Arbitration in Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the world's leading centres for international arbitration.

Hamburg has also a long tradition to foster commercial arbitration proceedings for the alternative dispute resolution between commercial partners. Hamburg is home to more than 15 arbitral institutions, two Law Faculties and its many experienced arbitration practitioners are associated in the Hamburg Arbitration Circle e.V..

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is seat of the Hamburg International Arbitration Center (HIAC) and thus an ideal place to seat ASEAC.